Caring for the Patient and Family Experiencing Pediatric or Adolescent Cancer - A. B. Smitherman -20170424
This lecture provides an overview of the types of cancers experienced by pediatric patients, and includes a discussion of the treatment options, management of side effects, and the emotional needs of patients and their family. The presentation also includes a review of pediatric patient outcomes with various therapies and a discussion of the importance of collaboration and teamwork in enhancing the quality of care and outcomes. Lecture Objectives -Describe the types, stages and diagnostic tests available for treating pediatric cancer patients. -Discuss the treatment options, management of side effects and emotional needs of pediatric cancer patients and their families. -Review pediatric patient outcomes with therapy. -Discuss the importance of collaboration and teamwork to enhance quality of care and patient outcomes. This includes an emphasis on the family for pediatric patients. This lecture is part of the North Carolina Community College Lecture Series.
Andrew B. Smitherman MD
4/24/2017 4:30:00 PM

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